BioTech project in Israel

Chemomab Ltd a biopharmaceutical company at the clinical stage, specializing in the discovery and development of innovative methods for the treatment of fibrosis related diseases with a large unmet need.

Chemomab is making great progress thanks to its new patented platform against CCL24, which interferes with the fundamental function of the soluble chemokine CCL24 as a regulator of the main inflammatory and fibrous pathways in multiple fibrosis related disorders. CM 101, the company’s leading clinical candidate, is a first in class monoclonal antibody targeting CCL24.

Chemomab shown that CM 101 interferes with the basic biology of Fibrosis using a new and differentiated mechanism of action.

Chemomab actively promotes CM 101 in phase 2 studies for the treatment of patients with liver, skin and lung fibrosis.

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