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Finteca Holdings Ltd was incorporated in 2015.

Finteca Holdings Ltd combines leading Russian and Israeli companies, which provide high demanded financial and technological services for business. Thanks to the self developed IT technologies and the synergy of projects, the company builds effective business models and provides its clients with the services at high quality and at affordable prices.

In 2019 Finteca Holdings Ltd was rebranded, and it started working under the brand Redstone Capital Investment company. As part of this rebranding, the Holding also manages startups with high intellectual and technological potential in Russia, the CIS and Israel in such fields as FinTech, PropTech, aimed at supporting the small and medium sized businesses

Finteca’s business Incubator provides infrastructure to startups, which includes hypothesis testing, MVP, legal support, financial support and other back-office functions.


NGO ADVISOR – an independent media organization based in Geneva and dedicated to covering innovation, influence and governance in the non-profit sector.

NGO ADVISOR researches and evaluates NGOs (non-governmental organizations) to demonstrate the best practices and the latest ideas in the non-profit sector. The company organizes research as for the companies participating in the review, though in order to present the results to a wide international audience of sponsors, volunteers, journalists, researchers, diplomats and others. NGO ADVISOR aims to be a mirror for the evolving values of the global nonprofit sector and ignite debate about the nature of nonprofit work.

NGO Advisor knows that the impact of nonprofit work goes far beyond what can be found in financial statements and is always mindful of the people who make up the nonprofit world, from NGO employees to beneficiaries and everyone in between. These people are ultimately the supposed benefactors and users of the company’s work.

Chemomab Ltd – a biopharmaceutical company at the clinical stage, specializing in the discovery and development of innovative methods for the treatment of fibrosis related diseases with a large unmet need.

Chemomab is making great progress thanks to its new patented platform against CCL24, which interferes with the fundamental function of the soluble chemokine CCL24 as a regulator of the main inflammatory and fibrous pathways in multiple fibrosis related disorders. CM 101, the company’s leading clinical candidate, is a first in class monoclonal antibody targeting CCL24.

Chemomab shown that CM 101 interferes with the basic biology of Fibrosis using a new and differentiated mechanism of action.

Chemomab actively promotes CM 101 in phase 2 studies for the treatment of patients with liver, skin and lung fibrosis.

RAFT Technologies provides an ultra low latency wireless transcontinental communication system. Founded in 2013, it combines a qualified team with more than 40 years of experience in the field of radio communications, networks, control and monitoring systems.

The company’s team consists of a group of professionals in the field of Radio Communications, Networks, Control and Monitoring Systems, who have jointed together with the world’s leading high-tech companies in these areas.

All technologies are developed in house, with constant efforts to reduce delays and maintain the advantage.

Resonai introduces a paradigm shift – it’s spatial computing. A new approach to spatial embedded AI (Artificial Intelligence), which transforms the physical environment into an intelligent digital environment, projecting its intelligence on the synchronization of all the various agents working in it.

This disrupts the way buildings are managed today, gives their operators full control over their digital space and access to new efficiencies, user experience, analytics and revenue streams.

The main idea and product of the company is the VIERA AR platform (software application). VERA: An artificial intelligence platform that enriches the environment with new content, analytics and functionality.

A network of modern individual storage warehouses for individuals and legal entities (Property Technology area). The use of cloud technologies, video surveillance systems, coworking for SMEs guarantees the safety of your property.

Pilot project in the field of biotechnology which is aimed at innovative technology of protein production by growing “Black Lion“ larva and processing into products with unique qualities. “BlackLion” or Black Soldier Fly is a unique insect that has the ability to process the feed substrate into valuable protein and fat.

Digital format of the express mini polyclinic network. Diagnostics and medical care at the place of residence and work 1 visit in 1 place for 1 hour at an affordable price. The pilot of the network was launched in Moscow in 2017 in partnership with a number of expert centers of the NCI of Rostekh Group, the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, etc.

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