NGO project in Switzerland

NGO ADVISOR an independent media organization based in Geneva and dedicated to covering innovation, influence and governance in the non-profit sector.

NGO ADVISOR researches and evaluates NGOs (non-governmental organizations) to demonstrate the best practices and the latest ideas in the non-profit sector. The company organizes research as for the companies participating in the review, though in order to present the results to a wide international audience of sponsors, volunteers, journalists, researchers, diplomats and others. NGO ADVISOR aims to be a mirror for the evolving values of the global nonprofit sector and ignite debate about the nature of nonprofit work.

NGO ADVISOR knows that the impact of nonprofit work goes far beyond what can be found in financial statements and is always mindful of the people who make up the nonprofit world, from NGO employees to beneficiaries and everyone in between. These people are ultimately the supposed benefactors and users of the company’s work.

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